More On Edmonton City Centre’s Video Walls

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We received some new photos and information on Edmonton City Centre shopping mall’s digital signage displays located in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, that we wrote about on Oct. 6.

Goal of the installation, powered by Audience software from Markham, Ont.-based Capital Networks Ltd., is to engage the more the 4.5 million annual visitors that use the bridgeway connecting the east and west halves of the mall by introducing a network of large scale, digital video walls displaying news, entertainment and promotional info. The largest of the three displays consists of sixteen, 42” ultra thin monitors displaying a wide range of video, animation and automated content.

WMC Digital Media Inc. was picked to manage the project in partnership with local authorized audience reseller, Matrix Video Communications Corp. and Capital Networks. MVCC was responsible for the installation of wiring, screens and mounts, and supplied the Audience software responsible for the creation and management of content while Capital Networks provided initial production services including custom screen designs.

Owned and operated by the Oxford Properties Group, Edmonton City Centre is Edmonton’s premier urban shopping centre, with more than 800,000 square feet of retail space, and over 170 stores and restaurants.

WMC Digital Media owns and operates the digital signage network within Edmonton City Centre space, managing a variety of sourced and original content including automated news updates in partnership with CTV News, sports, Edmonton City Centre branding and promotion, Trivial Pursuit trivia in partnership with Hasbro Inc., and various outside advertising opportunities.

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