Follow Your Nose

Geny Caloisi

This week CURB, the natural media agency, launched the UK’s first dedicated Sensory-Out-Of-Home (SOOH) division.

Marrying some of the world’s leading experts, cutting edge multisensory technology and Clear Channel’s media network, advertisers can now augment Out-Of-Home using scent, sound and even taste.

Multisensory communication, a growing international trend, is already been used by over 35% of consumer-facing brands in the US. Although Europe is currently lagging behind, more and more brands are benefitting from the ROI created by adding multisensory elements to their marketing strategies, influencing how people feel and behave by tapping into the emotions that drive them.

Major retailers are already using multisensory techniques to influence mood and engage customers on an emotional level. Examples include fast food restaurants playing in-store music sped up by 5% to increase the speed at which diners’ eat and even a UK-based debt collection agency that has gone as far as patenting a scent that they claim, when added to the bills they send out, increases payment rates by 17%.

CURB founder, Anthony Ganjou, said of the launch “Did you know that the nose is responsible for triggering approximately 75% of daily emotions? The scientific evidence in favour of multisensory communication is compelling, as are the commercial case studies. We can now offer the technologies, methodologies and expertise across Out-Of-Home, event and experiential that have been retail’s best kept secrets for the past couple of decades.”

He continued “With Clear Channel’s national network, brands can now make use of surround sound billboards and 6 Sheets that also deliver scent in a way that can both influence consumers’ moods and trigger a wide range of emotions. Multisensory is a huge untapped opportunity in outdoor and experiential for brands to create truly memorable engagement.”

Neil Chapman of Create/Clear Channel said “The first smell of cut grass tells me that summer is on its way and the taste of fish’n’chips reminds me of my childhood. Sensory engagement is a very powerful call to action and there’s now evidence that adding sensory elements to outdoor media significantly increases recall and mood by triggering certain emotions. We’re really excited to be able to present brands and consumers with a full sensory experience that is very different from what has been available before in the UK.”

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