Mark’s Selects ADFLOW Networks

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

ADFLOW Networks, in partnership with Mediavation, has been selected by Mark’s to bring their new strategic store re-branding initiative to life, using innovative in-store digital media solutions.

Mark’s, a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian Tire, has selected ADFLOW Networks as their digital signage provider for all store redesign initiatives.

Mark’s is incorporating multiple in-store digital displays – both passive and interactive – into the DNA of their new store design. The new shopping environment features captivating, dynamic digital media throughout strategic areas of the store.

Mediavation, Mark’s long standing agency partner, is the driving force behind this initiative and the key creator of the in-store digital media strategy and content creation.

Joseph Levy, President of Mediavation told us “After much due diligence, Marks and Mediavation decided to partner with ADFLOW Networks to provide a unique in-store digital signage solution, mainly because of ADFLOW’s years of experience and proven expertise.”

Tom Ranieri, AVP Store Design at Mark’s added, “We felt that ADFLOW had a powerful and flexible system that allowed us to seamlessly integrate our multi-platform in-store digital signage strategy.”

Mark’s innovative strategy is comprised of Four (Plus One) points of focus: brand enhancement, in-store customer experience, customer education, and driving sales. The (Plus One) point of focus is on driving traffic to the website, community outreach, and staff training via the interactive displays.

Mark’s new in-store digital media network consists of large-format screens mounted in prominent locations throughout the store to create a targeted ambience. The new stores also offer touch-enabled, interactive LCD displays called Touch Point that both educate and entertain Mark’s customers, while informing them about the benefits of Mark’s products innovation and design.

The final digital media element, located behind the point-of-sale counter, is a stunning LCD Video Wall that displays high—resolution brand enhancement content spanning all four displays, making it easily visible from anywhere in the store.

“We are delighted to be Mark’s in-store digital media partner and a key contributor for this important initiative” says Mike Abbott, President of ADFLOW Networks. “Retailers today are looking for new and more effective ways to promote their brand, educate and entertain customers and drive sales. With their new in-store concept, Mark’s, together with Mediavation, are leading the way by creating a unique and engaging shopping experience.”

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