Scala Global Alignment Announcement

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

New Scala CEO Tom Nix didn’t take long to reshuffle his management team. In a letter to his partners on Monday 12th December 2011 and leaked to us, titled ‘Scala Global Alignment Announcement‘, Tom announced that …

  • “Anthony Maddalone will remain in place as our Chief Financial Officer”
  • Peter Cherna is the new Senior Vice President of Technology and will be responsible for Research and Development, Product Management and Global Services
  • “Frank Larsen is the new Vice President of EMEA and will be responsible for all of our EMEA territory”
  • Oscar Elizaga is new Vice President of the Americas, North Central and South
  • Guillaume Proux remains Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan
  • David Palermo is the new Vice President of Global Marketing
  • Jeff Porter is the new President of SignChannel

Not surprisingly then Oscar loses responsibility for EMEA (where he has done a fantastic job in boosting revenues in the region). With his re-location to Miami this was always on the cards.

Frank Larsen is the new executive in charge of EMEA and so, as of 31st December 2011, Damon Crowhurst, Helge Haarig, Harry Horn and Ton van Hout will report directly into Frank.

Interesting move for Jeff Porter though. He’s definitely been an under-utilised resource for the company for some time. Perhaps the challenge here is for them to really make something of SignChannel (a product we like and with dolts like Haivision not doing what they ought to with the Kodak picture frame offering there is surely every opportunity for him / them to do so).

Tom ended the letter, saying “We are confident that 2012 is going to be an exciting year of new technology, advances and opportunities and we look forward to our continued collaboration and our continued ability to help our customers by continuing to provide them with the best products, services and solutions!”

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  1. Codswallop Says:

    No real changes than, only a swivelling of positions!

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