Kinetic’s Global Digital Out of Home Handbook

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Supported by The Screen, Kinetic Worldwide this week released a Global Digital Out of Home Handbook, aimed at covering the full global context of digital OOH including market sizes, growth rates, media owners, formats, environments, research and creative innovation.

The document quantifies that digital OOH is currently worth 7% of all Out of Home expenditure globally, that the US is the leading market, worth USD 1.1 billion, and that China, where digital OOH represents 36% of OOH, has (we would say ALLEGEDLY) grown by 90% in 2011.

Dennis Kuperus, Digital Director for Kinetic told us “Digital OOH is at a different stage in each of the markets in which we operate. This is why we are working hard to refine our digital OOH strategy, so that we can develop and progress the concept in every region. We are committed to ensuring digital remains on course to become one of the fastest growing and most exciting media.”

The Global Digital Out of Home Handbook is available here.

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