Sticky: And Clear Channel France’s Choice Of Software Is…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Proof once again, if proof was ever needed that OOH media owners need serious help in understanding technology (see our story ‘CBS Outdoor equip London busses with tin cans and string‘ news just in that Mood Media has installed its signature Digital Signage player across the Clear Channel France screen network.

Yep that’s right those clever folks at Clear Channel France whoever they are (I bet you they are French) have inked a strategic partnership with Mood Media France, a subsidiary of Mood Media Corporation (TSX: MM / LSE: MM), the world’s largest in-store media specialist for a digital signage solution.

Evidently, Mood Media will provide the technical platform responsible for broadcasting across the Clear Channel France screen network (approximately 900 screens) which incorporates 96 commercial outlets throughout France; 72 Ségécé-Klépierre centers, 24 Unibail-Rodamco centers and all the Carrefour Property centers.

Claude Nahon, President of Mood Europe is no doubt over the moon and said “We are very happy with this collaboration, which clearly demonstrates both our technical excellence and the reliability of our software. Mood Media has many years experience with digital signage applications and is delighted to partner with the Clear Channel France advertising network.”

The release goes onto state that Mood Media will integrate its digital content software, TeamCo, across the Clear Channel France screen network – let’s just hope that Clear Channel France don’t want to use the network for advertising on then!

5 Responses to “Sticky: And Clear Channel France’s Choice Of Software Is…”

  1. Robert Lewis Says:

    So two of the biggest OOH companies in the world would appear to have made serious errors of judgement in the DOOH field. One can only imagine what influenced their decisions!

  2. Jim Stevenson Says:

    Your article does not explain why MoodMedia is such a bad choice, surely you should justify the negative comments otherwise it amounts to fairly weak journalism, and not particularly fair to MoodMedia. Unless I missed the memo and everyone else knows why its a bad idea.

  3. John Cole Says:

    It is a bad choice because this choice is highly suspicious.
    Was there a competition for this deal? NO.

  4. Codswallop Says:

    Price based decision!

  5. Ben Dover Says:

    Mood Media is a background music company trying to be an agency. Not sure that makes for a good choice of partner for a major DOOH company. Any tender process would have seen them fail at the early stages.

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