MMA Universal Mobile Ad Package v.2.0

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Mobile Marketing Association, New York-based global trade association for the mobile industry, has released the MMA Universal Mobile Ad Package v.2.0 and is looking for public comment.

These mobile ad unit guidelines were created with participation from the seller and buyer sides of the industry, with the aim of making it easier to buy, sell, and create mobile ads for smartphones, feature phones and tablets.

“The guidelines issued today vastly simplify the mobile ad landscape, creating six standard ad unit sizes, out of the tangle of the more than 60 unit sizes currently in use in the marketplace,” says Greg Stuart, MMA Global CEO. “By standardizing around a limited and widely accepted set of ad sizes, mobile advertising becomes exponentially easier to add to the marketing mix for marketers everywhere.”

As of this week, the full marketplace has a chance to review the new standards during a 30-day public comment period. After comments are incorporated, all ad networks and publishers will have until the end of 1Q 2012 to become fully compliant. At that time, the MMA will promote compliant companies by issuing MMA Universal Mobile Ad Package Compliance stamps for member use on web sites and marketing materials.

To create the Universal Mobile Ad Package v.2.0, the MMA, with support from ImServices Group, analyzed billions of mobile ad impressions delivered across the global mobile advertising marketplace in 2Q 2011. The data – sorted by smart phone and feature phone, networks and publishers, and including mobile web and app – helped determine the six unit sizes which have been agreed to as the standard Mobile Universal Ad Package v.2.0. The final standards mark a true collaboration between the sales side – including networks, rich media vendors and publishers – and the buy side at global ad agencies.

Members of the mobile marketing industry are encouraged to visit this web site to read the proposed Universal Mobile Ad Package and submit comments. Feedback will be reviewed and the Universal Mobile Ad Package will be finalized and released in Jan./12.

MMA Universal Mobile Ad Package v.2.0 replaces both Mobile Advertising Guidelines [Public Comment Release] and Universal Mobile Ad Package [Public Comment Release], which were published without access to the current data and did not set standards for ad unit sizes, instead only offering guidance.

The MMA Universal Mobile Ad Package was created by the MMA North America ‘SWAT’ Team and the Global Mobile Advertising Committee. MMA ‘SWAT’ Companies include AT&T Adworks, WDIG, ESPN Mobile, Google, InMobi, Joule, Jumptap, Medialets, Microsoft, Millennial Media, Ogilvy, Tribune, Turner and The Weather Channel.

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