Audio Branding Barometer 2011

Geny Caloisi

The Audio Branding Academy conducted the Audio Branding Barometer as an online study in September 2011, the aim being to deliver valid and comparable market data for the industry every year.

As in 2010, 32 Agencies from 13 countries participated. Audio Branding still seems strongest in the USA, Germany, and the UK (again, as it was in the year before).

The online study demonstrated that the food, beverage and tobacco industry, telecommunications companies and retail are the most frequent customers of Audio Branding, however the highest revenues with Audio Branding are coming from broadcasting companies, legal firms (?) and the food and beverage industry.

Nor surprisingly some of the most requested in 2011 was music for advertisement spots, sound icons, brand voices and jingles.

In this year’s study the Audio Branding Academy GbR also asked for the attitude of the Audio Branding community towards scientific approaches and all survey participants agreed that there should be more exchange between practitioners and scientists and that there is a definite need for study courses in audio branding.

A copy of the study can be downloaded here.

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