Who Should DailyDOOH Visit In Taiwan?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We promised you that during 2012 we would be exploring a lot of new horizons (Barcelona is one in February, Tokyo another in June and even Singapore has cropped up as a possible destination recently) and we are currently exploring the feasibility of getting out to Taiwan sometime this year.

Regular readers will know how much we got out of a week long research trip to Montreal back in November 2010 (with Montreal being such a ‘hot bed’ of technology innovation we easily managed to meet a dozen or so of the top industry vendors). Our aim would be to do similar in Taiwan; spend a week there and meet most of the manufacturers in the region who play in our industry.

To that end, we need your help. We’ve listed who we think we ought to meet but please tell us if you think we’ve missed any …

  • Advantech
  • AOpen
  • ASPEED, an IC Design house with a Signage solution module
  • AUO, one of the largest LCD panel makers
  • C2 Networks, one of the largest DOOH networks in Taiwan
  • CAYIN Technology
  • Chilin Technology
  • Digital Signage SIG, a digital signage industry organization with 200+ members
  • iAdea
  • Lillin, who have some interesting IP encoding devices
  • NexCom
  • Pilot TV Media, these folks now have over 3,000 displays in Taiwan including CVS, fastfood restaurants, and MRT

One suggested ‘good time to visit’ was around COMPUTEX TAIPEI being held 5th – 9th June 2012 although we are told that the weather will be terrible; with steaming hot mornings followed by thunderstorms and pouring rain in the afternoons.

But again, let’s have your thoughts please!

That week is also the week before our planned trip to Tokyo.

2 Responses to “Who Should DailyDOOH Visit In Taiwan?”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I’ve been to Taiwan many times. It just rains throughout the year in Taipei, no real getting around the rain. I don’t find it to be that big of a hassle anyway – your main method of transportation will be via taxi or subway, so you’ll be sheltered against the rain regardless.

    Computex seems like a great time to travel there, good luck.

  2. Jenni Gabbarelli Says:

    Hi there…I am here right now spending time with the ZenithOptimedia and Posterscope offices I am going to spend time also with C2 and Pilot tv. I am a UK outdoor specialist.

    I can tell you the weather this week is wonderful…hot, sunny and yes a bit humid but nothing exceptional. You do get rain, but just bring an umbrella…they have covered walkways nearly everywhere. The food here is also great so you’ll have a nice time as well as discovering new tech ideas

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