Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It seems there is no doubt now that STRATACACHE have won the Dairy Queen business. This is a massive roll out, with at least 4,000 venues we believe.

Late yesterday (Wednesday) we ourselves wrote “Interesting (half baked and half written we feel) tweet from the official STRATACACHE account mid-day today (PST)” and that said “Looking forward to @DairyQueen Expo and these sweet digital menu boards we get to showcase.”

Earlier today (there seems to be some Dairy Queen internal exhibition and conference on somewhere in North America at the moment) STRATACACHE again tweeted “Check out STRATACACHE’s digital menu boards in @DairyQueen’s booth at the DQ Expo today! Coming to a store near you!”

We wrote in early January ‘Ronin Fail To Capture Their Dairy Queen‘ – business that the leaderless Samurai were convinced they were going to win.

So that’s it then, Chris Riegel’s STRATACACHE win yet another huge QSR rollout.

2 Responses to “STRATACACHE Win @DairyQueen”

  1. TheVok Says:

    Ah, irony. A blog post of approximately 1.5 sentences calls a tweet half-baked and half-written; to say nothing of typos like ‘Samuari.’

  2. TheVok Says:

    Well-fixed. 🙂

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