Why So Coy, Wireless Ronin?

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Presumably in an effort to keep stock prices up – especially in light of the apparent non-win of the Dairy Queen network business that it expected – marketing technologies solutions provider Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc.. Minneapolis, announced that it has begun the roll out of its RoninCast multi-platform sales support and marketing system to 40 sites of a major retailer with more than 390 stores across North America.

If it’s such a big deal, we wonder why keep the name of the ‘major retailer’ hidden? It certainly dilutes the impact.

The announcement says that Wireless Ronin was chosen based on its proven ability to streamline the sales process with a comprehensive solution that improves customer satisfaction and delivers a high ROI.

Could it be that Wireless Ronin has to prove itself before the retailer will allow his name to be associated? The said retailer has also engaged Wireless Ronin to develop interactive experiences managed through a network of Apple iPad devices for sales consultants, customer-facing in-store touch screen kiosks, and a consumer web interface. Using content developed specifically for the retailer, Wireless Ronin’s interactive applications are to help guide retail customers through a series of questions that easily builds a personalized, complete solution.

Well, we’ll at least credit the retailer for knowing what it wants. Anyone know who it is?

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