Avanti Screenmedia And Streetbroadcast Join Forces

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Interesting announcement Tuesday that Avanti Screenmedia and Streetbroadcast have joined forces to create ‘Digital Life’ – a network that they bill as “the UK’s largest out of home digital retail network”.

Digital Life UK comprises 800+ screens, across 50 towns and cities in 120 shopping locations.

This alliance is obviously designed to give advertisers an opportunity to maximise the impact of digital advertising campaigns and of course enhance the experience of shoppers across the UK.

Inherently because of the digital networks each of these guys has at the moment, the alliance now has coverage inside and out at shopping malls, retail and entertainment parks, in busy city centres and in various high streets.

Mungo Knott, MD of Streetbroadcast’s sales division told us “This is a revolutionary moment for OOH, the industry has seen nothing like it for flexibility and impact. We are delivering better value communication for clients and an enhanced street experience for the public. This alliance creates a nationwide digital retail offering advertisers have been waiting for.”

This new alliance will give a footfall of 20 million shoppers every week with a spend of something like UK PDS 736 million (the ‘sell’ here to media planners, buyers and brands is that the screen network is strategically placed at the heart of commercial and shopping locations AND in close proximity to the point of purchase).

Jamie Ball, Sales Director, Avanti Screenmedia told us “This is an alliance that will take out of home digital media to another level, through two established pioneers within the digital retail sector. It harnesses our wealth of sales, marketing and creative experience and delivers the largest out of home digital retail network in the UK”

The Digital Life network offers advertisers a content rich medium with both national and local news coverage, weather, sport and entertainment. Broadcast daily, the screen network is a key source of information to its audience

A Digital Life campaign can be bought through Avanti Screenmedia or Streetbroadcast. It’s going to be interesting what the media buyers make of it but we think generally it wil be viewed as a VERY positive step forward.

There have been rumours in the marketplace that Streetbroadcast has been struggling for some time, so this sort if deal is probably particularly good for them.

Any bets as for next steps? Neo advertising to invest in / acquire Streetbroadcast and franchise the Streetbroadcast offering to cities across the rest of Europe?

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