Made To Order Showroom Concept, Milan

Geny Caloisi

A 2.5 metre multi-user multitouch wall has been built into the Scribe – Made to Order showroom concept in Milan for retailer Bally. It presents an interactive World of Bally that enabled users to access custom curated content, as well as Bally’s Digital Scribe Designer tool, which is available through as well as an iPad app.

The Bally deal is the first retail installation for uma SKIN (Semantic Knowledge Information Network) product from uma (supposedly “the leading innovator in semantic web technology and multiuser interaction” phew!).

uma announced a deal with the German sports retailer SportScheck, part of the Otto Group, last year, but the uma SKIN installations in that company’s new flagship store is still forthcoming.

uma recently also installed a (much bigger) system at the Siemens headquarters in Vienna (the Siemens Identity Display, or SID) shown below here…

The PR suggests that uma SKIN installations, and we quote “mark a new level of interactive shopping for fashion customers, enabling Bally to personalize experiences for in-store shoppers while leveraging company and industry information including custom videos and product stories – that enhances the customer’s engagement with the Bally brand” and they might well be.

The installations look similar in principle to Arsenal Media’s Buzzwall.

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