#ISE2012 Camvine No Show

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Well it didn’t take long for that first bit of juicy gossip to reach us from #ISE2012 and the event proper hasn’t even started yet! Armed with said gossip we sent one of our stringers (she had an exhibitor badge – us mere mortals with press badges are rightly not allowed on the show floor outside opening hours) to check.

Hall 10 is chaotic with everyone building their stands but one in particular has stood empty and quiet all day. Our stringer told us “stand 10S122 is definitely empty currently with only a desk sitting there and no one building”

So, which digital signage software vendor booked a stand and hasn’t turned up? (all last minute so even the organisers might be a bit surprised!

Stand 10S122 belongs to Camvine and there are even more vicious rumours that not only have they not turned up, there might be ‘other’ problems afoot. We’ll see. I doubt they will be missed either way.

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