#ISE2012 @zaagtech Trying A Little Too Hard?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

ersatz Silicon Valley vendor (read that then, as ‘Chinese’) Zaagtech which we believe is currently being sued by PQ Labs is demonstrating the benefits of its multi-touch wall’s 3D curved shape over in Hall 9, booth #9B145

Twitter is abuzz with the legal side of things mind; “American inventions being infringed and stolen by a Chinese company. Absolutely unfair and unethical, also illegal” says @lcdmultitouch

“PQ Labs slams ZaagTech, ZaagTech rebuffs. Just what is going on?” adds @uberact

Mind you, we figure you can often sense when something is wrong when someone tries, perhaps just a little too hard.

Zaagtech’s PR agency, The Scott Partnershp represented it seems by @LauraTSPscottpr and @LindsayTSP_PR have both been a little OTT with DMs and the like on twitter to any journalist that will listen.

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