signagelive Integrates With Intel® AIM Suite

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

From their booth 10P115 here at #ISE2012 signagelive made much of signagelive Display Edition integrated with Intel® AIM Suite technology to deliver gender and age profiled media content so it comes as no surprise on the last day of the show that they make the almost obligatory official announcement.

#ISE2012 booth 10P115

signagelive CEO Jason Cremins tol us “We have worked to develop native support for IntelAIM Suite technology within our signagelive Display Edition client software. We have extended the base capabilities of Intel AIM Suite to include additional unique capabilities that extend the ability to deliver profiled digital media content to viewers based on age and gender”

He added “We are seeing an increasing demand for intelligent digital signage solutions that are responsive to local events and Intel® AIM suite integrated with signagelive, meets the needs of those looking forward viewer triggered content”.

Haroon F. Mirza, Director of Business Development, Anonymous Viewer Analytics, Intel Corporation said “Digital signs represent a growing advertising medium, however, there is a shortage of reliable metrics telling us how many people watch them, when, for how long, demographics, etc. Better metrics provided by Intel AIM Suite enable advertisers to evaluate and plan their purchases in digital signage making it possible for digital signage networks to obtain a larger share of overall advertising budgets, increasing the ROI.”

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