Amsterdam @AOpenEurope #AOpenForum

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s hard to believe that it was a week today that many of us Europeans were gathered in Amsterdam (or en route)…

@AOpenEurope’s #AOpenForum attracted 150 registrations but the Belgian Stike (affecting the Thalys), the bad weather (especially in Italy) and no doubt that usual ‘sore-thumb’ ahead of a show, i.e. stand building affected the numbers slightly.

In the morning there were 93 people who listened to a number of AOpen executives in the morning (the flying geese video will long be remembered – trust me, in a GOOD way), Intel’s Sam Bellamy who gave one of the best Intel presentations we have sat through in a long time and of course, yours truly who was only given 30 minutes to give a brief ‘Twitter Masterclass’, a look back at 2011 and trends for 2012.

The afternoon saw the room split into two for breakout sessions and 107 people chose between the two different sessions; we sat in on a Microsoft Windows embedded presentation (quite interestingly actually), a good presentation from Bjorn at NDS and then a really techie session from AOpen on video tearing, EDID type stuff!

The last presentation of the day was a really good Q+A panel session .. I have to say it was really good because I MC’ed it but it was good. It was an hour long – there were loads of good questions (many thanks to all the Americans in the audience who helped make the session really interactive).

The day ended with some AOpen awards for best project (nice idea), drinks and dinner. Damned successful and a great deal of fun.

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  1. Tom Milner Says:

    It was a very good event, and I look forward to the next one….thankfully you can only just see my head (and not my bulk) sat next to the illustrious Mark Woods! (Fame at last on DailyDOOH)
    Thankfully we are both out of focus so much less trauma for the visitors to this website.
    I thought Sam from Intel did particularly well bearing in mind he had just got back from his hols.
    I was once asked by a Geordie if I was Australian ‘as I had a reet funny accent’ but I can confirm that I am neither Australian or American but was very happy to pitch some questions at the panel too!
    See you all next year!
    Thanks to Gabriëlle and all of her colleagues for such a well put together lead in to ISE.

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