Pixman Promotes Disney’s Ultimate Band in Toronto

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Pixman helped warm up Torontonians in the Yonge-Dundas Square area on a recent chilly December day by having them ‘play’ via body motion on Disney’s Ultimate Band for the Nintendo Wii.

Pictures of this can be found in the post entitled ‘Don’t Move I’m Trying To Wii‘ – which, I think was one of my better headlines, Ed

Two Pixman screens showcased the the Wii and illustrated the points that make Disney’s Ultimate Band game different from other music games. Disney’s Ultimate Band Ultimate Band doesn’t require musical peripherals like a guitar or drums. Wii’s Motion Sensor technology allowed the game to respond to all the guitar and clapping motions required – also showing off portability and ease of use in all sorts of conditions. Various Toronto citizens were intrigued enough that they tried out the game. Positioning their hands as is holding a guitar, and using the Wii Remote Nunchuk, the game sets out realistic instrument motions for users to perform as a song plays.

“Pixman has done did previous campaigns for Wii games,” says Isabelle Grégoire, media relations spoksperson for Pixman. “ We did one for the launch of Super Mario Galaxy for Wii in New York City. It’s always a success as consumers really enjoy that they can try a new game exactly where they are standing, on the street.”

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