To Sync Or Not To Sync

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday in London before flying out to Oslo we noticed in Oxford Street that the Media 7 managed WindowGain screens that we talked about a few weeks ago were ‘in sync’, i.e. both top and bottom screen were playing the same image and commercial!

Brands that have been using the screens to date include: –

  • Sega
  • Warner bros
  • Fila (shown in the picture above)
  • Sadlers Wells Theatre
  • Scholl

We think the screens when synchronised have a lot more impact and so most probably prefer it that way – we are interested in knowing what you think?

2 Responses to “To Sync Or Not To Sync”

  1. PhilGo20 Says:

    Synchronicity for sure. IMHO, any set-up where a passerby can see multiple screens at once playing the same loop should be sync. Think about airport halls, supermarket aisles, subway networks.
    It is a pretty common feature request from customers looking to deploy a network in public spaces.

  2. luis Says:

    Are we talking about software being able to sync and “interact” (ie cbs Digital escalator panels) or about the network owner saving 400lbs on a PC to run the second screen?
    In my experiece, during the meetings with network owners, synching is not about impact, but about saving some $; $*500 sites=$$$$. If at the end, that also increases impact, then the better.

    Now, here is funny part (i do have to include a funny comment):

    They want 1 PC running two different pieces of advertising schedule. Each schedule on a different screen. (up to here all OK and on the same page).
    All content has different duration, but they want the screens in synch changing content at the same time.
    So, you tell them: it is a physical imposiblity to do that. Not because of the software/hardware solution, but because “time” cannot be bent (Neo or Morpheus might disagree).
    -you continue explaining-
    Thus, two videos with different durations cannot be in sync (and yes, you can hold the last frame of the shortest video…. but that is not the point because it just doesnt look good).

    The reply is simple: “Oh, ok, then… (pause) same content on both”. Everyone else in the meeting agrees, as if they understood anything you were talking about.

    So, thruth be told, I really dont think they care at this stage if they are getting a better impact or not. If after saving $$$$ they get better results, then great.

    Happy Holidays everyone.


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