600 bars in total now for Avanti Screenmedia

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It used to be that if you were a UK media planner then you had two places to go in order to advertise on a digital screen network and target the UK pub, club and bar leisure sector; Avanti Screenmedia or Brightspace Media.

Brightspace Media, haven’t done a campaign of any note for their networks for several months now (and as previously reported are in the process of closing down their London office and allowing the few employees who are left to either work from home or at their sister company site in Hertford) – there was a very small Malibu (drinks) promotion for about 40 x 3D Entertainment sites (the Chicago Rock Cafes that used to be owned by Luminar) a few weeks back but that has pretty much been it for the 2nd half of this year (no wonder they are having to close an expensive Covent Garden office down).

Avanti Screenmedia announced today a screen advertising contract win with Inventive Leisure Ltd., and in it they actually confirmed that their leisure network was 600 strong (Brightspace Media could have previously claimed about 400 – 450 I believe).

The contract with Inventive Leisure gives Avanti the rights to sell screen-based advertising for 54 Revolution Vodka Bars over a three year period and Avanti now has over 600 bars with major pub companies including Mitchells & Butlers, Laurel Pub Company, Regent Inns, Inventive Leisure and Interpub.

In the announcement, it was said “…which the Directors believe represents an attractive proposition for advertisers” and they are absolutely correct – this is now a sizable network that media planners and buyers will continue to be interested in.

To be fair it is the largest network of its size in the UK in this sector (leisure: pubs, clubs and bars) and the only one that is doing any form of credible advertising at present.

Also in the announcement was a second contract win, this time with the Good Time Pub Company to supply Avanti’s Genie 3 DJ-based bar entertainment system – six sites for an initial 12 month period.

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  1. david Says:


    now that we are getting “true” updates on avanti screenmedia position (meaning they are no longer entangled with avanti comm) and knowing that in your oppinion niche is the key to a successful digital signage company. would you think it’s prudent for ASG to direct their focus at the most successful parts of the company and possibly look for buyers/offers of other parts. or at least the company should have seperate dept’s which are totally accountable for their actions

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