Convenience Store – great article on digital signage

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

There is a PDF of the full article mentioned here up on the blog (the URL is at the bottom of this post) Gaelle Walker over at the UK’s Convenience Store magazine has written a very good 3 page article (16th November 2007 issue) on how “Convenience store retailers are ditching traditional advertising methods in favour of innovative new revenue-boosting systems” – it just so happens that the ‘revenue-boosting systems” are digital signage related.

Big Media Group, Point Four and TEAMtalk Broadcast all get mentions.

In the article she makes mention of Big Media Group’s Budgen rollout and Darren Briggs, managing director of the Big Media Group is quoted as saying that he “estimates that a convenience store with a good local business base could take up to £3,000 a year purely in advertising revenue”.

Radio also gets a mention; “Radio advertising touches customers in ways that visual advertising quite simply cannot,” says Diane Whalley, head of business development for TEAMtalk Broadcast, the company which produces Costcutter InTune Radio.

Noticeable by their absence in the article is a lack of mentions and references to Avanti Screenmedia, Firebrand Media and Screen Media Group all of whom are also doing sterling work in this retail sector.

Having said that it is a great article and well worth a read. It’s nice to see that digital out of home is getting more mentions in the trade press.

Click here to see a PDF version of the full article

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