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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last week we wrote in our brief review of EnQii’s Newsletter – Nov / Dec 2008

“We still question the validity of saving up lots of news for a quarterly newsletter – if nothing else it goes against how we work, i.e writing about things BEFORE they are announced 😉 but the EnQii newsletters, after a bit of a shaky start have been getting much better of late”

By far the best newsletter we have received this year is called ‘Plugged’ and it’s from Imagesound

The format itself, which is a sort of like a tabloid newspaper is great, the print stock is of high quality, it’s well laid out, has interesting stories but ABOVE ALL it goes out to the whole of Imagesound’s client base – which includes a large number of single site clients they work with as well, of course all of their customers’ employees (like hotel general managers and bar managers etc.).

It doesn’t yet go out to each outlet within a retail chain but they do hand them out to sites as they visit.

The key to its success and what we like about it, is that it is not just sent to their customers and people they already know but to a wider spread of people.

Download Plugged as a PDF here

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  1. Music Man Says:

    Good to see the TSC influence – all three clients that are shown (GAP, Caffe Nero and Jack Wills) were amongst those bought with the purchase of TSC Music last year. Nothing original from ImageSound then!

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