In Ur Face Media, Caffe Gusto, Bristol

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

New business ‘In Ur Face Media‘ have got their work cut out in the current climate but here we see them making at least one sensible decision, choosing low cost SaaS signage solution signagelive for seven (7) Caffe Gusto locations in and around the Bristol, United Kingdom area.

The installation isn’t particularly enthralling but does the job, consisting of:-

  • 32” Bespoke All-In-One screen with signagelive HD Pro hardware
  • Mobile connectivity via signagelive enabled USB modem

In Ur Face Media, created the network themselves and plan to sell the media advertising also (good luck).

The signagelive enable devices were purchased through signagelive distributor – RGB Communications.

About In Ur Face Media

In Ur Face Media is a brand new media company targeting the affluent consumer in various areas of Bristol. We are currently installing state of the art high definition advertising screens in a number of cafes, bars, and clubs. Our aim is to have 100 screens of various sizes ranging from 32? to 60? in establishments and public areas within the next 12 months.

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