#InfoComm12 DisplaySearch 5th Digital Signage Conference

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

DisplaySearch’s 4th Digital Signage Conference at #InfoComm11 last year was a poorly attended event – we quote, “We counted 43 attendees in a room setup for about 150 … the event deserved better but … needed a big ‘draw’ in terms of a speaker” however we did also say “we were privileged to be at one of the better educational day sessions we’ve attended in a long time” so let’s hope that this year’s 5th Digital Signage Conference gets a better crowd.

As usual the event is that DiSCO-disaster-waiting-to-happen day before a major AV event, this time Las Vegas of course and not Orlando, on Tuesday 12th June ahead of #InfoComm12.

There doesn’t seem to be a speaker line-up confirmed as yet – just a general outline of ‘Key Topics’; Commercial vs. consumer displays, Market sizing, Merger of IT and AV Technologies, Touch for large-format FPD, Transparent displays, OLED, Glasses-free 3D, Thin-bezel displays, Electronic menu boards, Higher education installations, Point-of-sale and dynamic signage for retail, Mixed-use information and advertising signage etc so we’d advise folks to wait and see who is presenting before registering here.

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