2011 Interactive Display Market Roundup

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Global Interactive Display sales in Q4 2011 increased by 14% Year-on-Year according to the new Interactive Displays Quarterly Insight report from Futuresource Consulting, which also provides year end data for 2011.

Colin Messenger, senior consultant at Futuresource Consulting told us “Last year, the global market ended far in excess of 850,000 units shipped. The year ended with a 1% volume reduction compared with 2010. Considering the economic pressures, this is a resilient result and there have been a number of strong regional success stories”.

“Looking to India, close to 14,000 units were sold in Q4, its strongest quarter ever, equalling the country’s sales for the entire previous year. In Russia, more than 22,000 units were sold – demonstrating robust growth, which will continue throughout 2012, with a number of major tenders in the pipeline.”

Conversely, in the USA there have been challenges to budgets and reductions in funding, resulting in a 19% YoY Q4 sales unit decrease. The US market is forecast to steadily decline, but it will continue to remain the world’s largest interactive displays market.

“Almost 4.5 million Interactive Displays have been installed globally, with the technology taking a secure hold within the education sector,” says Messenger, “and there is still a huge opportunity to be exploited; though – now more than ever – companies operating within this sector need access to timely market intelligence to understand the opportunities and react ahead of the curve.”

The 91-page Futuresource report, Interactive Displays Quarterly Insight covers 66 countries across the globe, with analysis covering 2004 through to 2016, including a market update, brand analysis, sector update, product and feature analysis, vendor opportunities, classroom penetration levels, complementary interactive products and individual country volumes and shares.

For more information contact Colin Messenger on +44 (0)7831 246 111 or via colin.messenger@futuresource-hq.com.

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