Not So Spectacular In Times Square?

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

Last month we covered the launch of Walgreen’s “Largest & Most Advanced” LED sign in Times Square.

This month we report on an interesting technical issue that is showing up on the sign. Take a look at the photos in this post – I shot them on my regular ‘walk-through’ of Times Square on 17th Dec (about 0800hrs EST)…

As you can see in these pictures – there is something slightly ‘not right’ going on.

There are video artifacts in the upper half of the screen, which, as I witnessed personally, start to ‘grow’ or spread across the content, with each video transition – leaving behind some elements on top of the currently playing videos.

Why does this happen? – well its not the content, nor the show control software – more likely a problem with how the video signal is getting to the sign.

What makes me think so? Well, the same problem happens occasionally on the ABC SuperSign in Times Square.

I wonder if its just a coincidence that the same company has designed both Walgreen’s and ABCSupersign AV systems.

It could be even more coincidental in that both systems have similar video signal wiring solutions? I can’t verify this – but I find it curious. – Don’t You?

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