Adspace Fares Well On Nielsen Fourth Screen Report

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The increased number of consumers exposed to digital mall advertising in December indicates that shoppers still continue to head to the mall for their holiday shopping – despite the growth of online shopping – according to Nielsen’s Fourth Screen Report.

Nielsen has confirmed the clear acceleration of monthly traffic in malls during the fourth quarter, something that has Adspace Digital Mall Network, one of 14 networks measured in the Nielsen’s Report, understandably pleased. Adspace delivered a record high 317,766,928 gross impression for the 12+ demographic in the month of December.

Other highlights for Adspace in the report:

  • December impressions were 50% higher than the average monthly impressions for the first nine months of the year;
  • Women 18-49 impressions were 60% higher in December;
  • With 266 million 12+ impressions, Nov./11 was also 25% higher than the first nine months;
  • The fourth quarter average was 19% higher than average for the first nine months;
  • 75% of ad impressions in Dec were accounted for by the coveted Adult 18-49 demographic.

Nielsen’s Fourth Screen Network Audience Report is the only quarterly, multi-client syndicated audience report for digital place-based networks. The data, which measure audience exposures for video networks in out-of-home locations, offer agencies and networks an easier way to compare place-based advertising audiences to TV, Internet, and Mobile.

Nielsen compiles the Fourth Screen Report for mall-based digital networks from raw Scarborough data that is not available to clients, allowing them to see month to month changes not typically available to networks.

“Our traffic numbers from various sources have always shown a boost in the fourth quarter, but for the first time we now have monthly break-outs of gross impressions from Nielsen, which is key for media planners and buyers,” says Bill Ketcham, executive vice-president and CMO, Adspace Networks. “This report proves the incredible audience delivery of digital mall media during the holiday season.”

The report was assembled using Nielsen’s integrated approach of combining traffic and transaction data with demographic and qualitative data. For Adspace Networks and the other mall-based video networks, the traffic data are provided by Scarborough and modeled by Nielsen to produce gross exposures and an average minute audience for each network.

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