New Dual-Display Digital Signage Player From CAYIN

Andrew Neale

CAYIN Technology unveiled a new generation of dual-display digital signage player, the SMP-WEBDUO, last week.

This new digital signage player is smaller and lighter than the old model (the size is reduced by one quarter and half the weight).

The new SMP-WEBDUO adds the video-in function, enabling users to play real-time video by directly connecting to a TV tuner, DVD player, or other multimedia devices – gulp, will we see more TV programs, movies, and even surveillance video added to enrich digital signage networks, Ed?

Perhaps the most interesting capability of the SMP-WEBDUO is its ability to control two screens simultaneously – users can select from the clone, distinct, or extended mode to display identical, different, or even stretched multimedia content from one screen to another. The player also supports 4 audio output jacks.

In addition to DVI and VGA outputs, the new player adds an HDMI connector and we are told that the SMP-WEBDUO can playback 1080p full HD video, music, HTML/Flash, image, ticker, clock, and live feed information, such as the weather and news.

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