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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

On May 11th, at a special breakfast briefing, The Screen will link up with EYE to share insights from their latest Neuro Imaging research.

Traditional Out of Home measures focus on traffic, reach and frequency and the quality of engagement. Folks then make assumptions as to how this translates to client outcomes such as footfall and ultimately sales.

However Eye has pioneered new neuro science techniques that look inside consumers’ heads and measure their emotional responses to advertising.

These ground-breaking Neuro Imaging studies show conclusively that not every impact is the same.

Speakers lined up include:-

  • Heather Andrew, Director at Neuro Insight UK. Heather will share examples of how other businesses have benefitted from neuro research and show how it can work for members of The Screen
  • Stephanie Sheth, Marketing Manager at Eye UK. Stephanie will use insights from Neuro Imaging to show the benefits brands can achieve by incorporating airport advertising into their media mix
  • Dylan Mouratsing, Insight Director at Manning Gottlieb OMD. Dylan will look at Neuro Imaging from the wider Out of Home and traditional media mix. He will look at the importance of understanding the context of different environments and how this affects consumer perception and receptivity towards advertising

‘Mindreading With Eye’ will no doubt provide a unique opportunity to assess the effectiveness of digital out-of-home, whilst enjoying fine coffee and the usual networking opportunities and debate.

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