I’m Sure The #NECshowcase Invitation Said ‘No Riff-Raff’

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Whilst the 1300 pre-registrations for today’s #NECshowcase may well be halved by the usual no-shows (and perhaps today’s inclement wet weather) and will not include many end users or media types (though we did see Matt Gordon from Limited Space walking the floor) it is indeed a fantastic accomplishment by NEC’s UK management who quite simply put on a better show year after year.

Queuing to get in AND out of the rain

  • The great white speckled feathered Fabian was spotted by The Beaver Group’s @PeterCritchley at 10.27 in the queue to get in, beating our own twitcher journal entry of 11:21 by almost an hour
  • David da Losta is here with one of our neighbours Mr Ed the Talking Horse (no sign of his friend Elton though)
  • We have seen quite few german peeple milling around – making sense of the rumour we heard that NEC had flown a dozen or so people over with on overnight stay and dinner for the event itself
  • Ajay Chowdhury had made a rare appearance on a ComQi stand as well we notice
  • Greg Hughes from Solutions Audio Visual Ltd.
  • Cheap is here and so too van Scrapings – both no doubt coming for the free lunch
  • We also noticed Richard Kensett from FESPA
  • Will Harvey, who we last met at #CES in Lost Wages is here as well – he’s the young whipper-snapper who by day is a Creative Lab Technologist at Ogilvy London and by night (well we better not say)

@AVMag tweeted early on “The #NECshowcase is a veritable who’s who of the UK AV industry, which is making it difficult to make your way around 2 see everything! and they are not wrong!

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  1. Aristotle Says:

    Was that the strutting peacock version of the white speckled Fabian? Did it have worms or a CV?

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