#ScreenmediaExpo In Yer’ Face Media

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Our lawyers have warned us not to use the term ‘idiot’ too freely but they haven’t given us any instruction on the words ‘twat’ or ‘git’.

This week’s award at #ScreenmediaExpo for the most aggressive individual is a toss-up between: –

    Lovely omniSHAPES (shame about Harris)

  1. Bob Charlton who took our editors to task on the PSCo / Harris combo stand.

    Note to Bob You are arguing with the wrong people, your beef is with me, not my staff and last but not least Harris were guests on the PSCo stand and you did your hosts a disservice by driving our people away from an, otherwise great stand. The eyevis omniSHAPES shown in the picture above looked truly fantastic

  2. Josh Dunce‘s perma-tanned Dad who thought he could threaten us with actual physical violence cos’ he “doesn’t live in this country” err? just because we had the audacity to point out the week before that claiming Subway as a client via a half baked testimonial from a franchisee was probably a little disingenuous

Anyway apart from that we had a great show, met some wonderful new people and caught up with a lot of old friends. Here’s to next year!

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