Diesel Flagship Store, NYC

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

YCD Multimedia just announced that Diesel, one of the world’s leading designers of high-end, ready-to-wear fashion apparel had selected YCD’s high impact MuVi Wall™ solution to manage and control a 6-screen video wall at Diesel’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Photo credit: Ben Gancsos Photography

Mounted on the landing of the second floor, the 2X3 video wall is used to display Diesel’s newest collections and campaigns. Visible from the first floor, the large video wall, comprised of 55” NEC displays, helps engage customers and improve in-store traffic flow.

YCD’s content management system is also used to manage a single-screen wayfinding display at the first floor entrance to help customers navigate the store and locate specific merchandise.

This new installation in NYC joins another YCD / Diesel collaboration, on Market Street, San Francisco’s main retail thoroughfare.

Daniele Minestrini, Diesel’s Head of Interior Design Department in New York City said “The video wall at Diesel’s flagship store creates an ambient shopping experience that keeps the customer engaged, while also strengthening the brand message”

He added “It’s obvious that dynamic video content with high graphical quality resonates more with a customer than traditional print signage, and therefore digital signage is the best means of high-impact communications with shoppers. Diesel plans to incorporate YCD’s digital marketing platform into future retail locations throughout the US.”

The content displayed on the screens is created by Diesel themselves and configured with the help of YCD’s creative services team. All updates are managed directly by Diesel and are updated through YCD|Platform in coordination with new seasonal campaigns or product promotions.

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