Jon Vogel Joins Stereoscape

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Jon Vogel, one of Europe’s leading specialists working in the field of glasses free 3D imaging technology, has been brought on board at Stereoscape, one of Europe’s leading specialists working in the field of glasses free 3D imaging technology, to expand the company’s glasses-free 3D offerings.

In a career spanning 30 years, Vogel is credited as having pioneered a number of 3D effects and techniques including: holography, laser projection, animated autostereograms , 3D shadowgrams and 3D holographic projection.

In 1982, Jon set up the UK’s first holographic design agency. Numerous prestigious 3D commissions were undertaken including the production of the world’s largest hologram for the Michelin tyre company, and the world’s first Disney embossed holograms. In the late eighties, working with his team of 20 specialists, Jon developed a number of unique laser projection techniques and advanced sound and light control systems. He designed and produced a number of national day son et lumiere events for the governments of Oman, Libya, and Qatar. He was responsible for the installation of the world’s first laser advertising system which went into the Odeon cinema Leicester Square.

In the 1990’s he was invited to set up Saatchi & Saatchi 3D, a joint venture with Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency. He ran what was then the first ad agency in the world to have an in-house, fully comprehensive 3D offering. Made available to Saatchi’s London and international clients were 33 different 3D effects, systems and techniques. Several multimillion dollar 3D projects were completed for such clients as Procter & Gamble, Sony, and Hewlett Packard.

Working with Kodak’s 3D lenticular department, Vogel designed and produced the UK’s first bus shelter six sheet 3D Lenticular (hologram) poster campaign, produced for Playtex. Working with Saatchi creative teams, he produced numerous 48- sheet 3D posters for a number of clients, including a ground breaking laser lit fibre optic 3D poster for British Airways and a projected laser advertisment onto the clouds over London.

Over the last five years, Vogel has concentrated on the development and application of 3D holographic projection techniques and system installations. He personally developed a version of augmented reality which has been designed to works with the Pepper’s Ghost 3D projection process.

He has worked on all aspects of 3D, from design, origination and production, through to project management and installation. He has completed 3D projects all over the world (23 different countries) and worked for over 50 blue chip clients. He has also lectured on 3D imaging techniques and provided consultancy services to Hollywood film companies looking for futurist 3D ideas.

Stereoscape was formed in 2006 and has 3D experts and presentation studios in London, Helsinki, Stockholm and St Petersburg. The company offers an extensive range of 3D systems, effects & techniques (glasses free 3D & with glasses 3D) and is backed by a team of 3D pioneers. Its offering includes a comprehensive service for 3D content design, origination and production, including film, video, and computer generated imagery. The company offers Transparent LCD (3D) displays, 3D Shadowgrams, Holography, 3D AR – face & object recognition, EventPod – 3D holographic advertising, glasses 3D technology and much more.

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