Coke Says “Refresh. Recycle. Repeat.”

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We wrote about Ricoh ‘Solar Panelled Billboards‘ back in July when said manufacturer announced that it would have one up in New York by December 2008.

We are not sure if this is the same one – we have seen no announcement yet from Ricoh but Katy Bachman writing in Mediaweek on Monday reported ‘Wind-powered billboards take hold along Great White Way‘…

NEW YORK Coca-Cola’s new digital billboard in Times Square is not only going green via wind power, but it has also started a trend among 30 billboards at the iconic intersection of 47th Street and Broadway in Manhattan.

According to Coke, the group of wind-powered billboards has an electric supply agreement with ConEdison Solutions and the building management company. Collectively, the group’s green initiative will prevent the release of 1,866 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Coke also said it plans to debut a new “green” ad on New Year’s Eve themed, “Refresh. Recycle. Repeat.” The ad touts the beverage giant’s goal to recycle or reuse 100 percent of the aluminum cans and plastic bottles it sells in the U.S., part of the company’s “Live Positively” operating philosophy.

“Coca-Cola has always held a historic place in Times Square, where we’ve been one of the longest continuous billboard advertisers, starting in 1932, and we are proud to lead this renewable energy movement on the Great White Way,” said Dana Barba, assistant vp, portfolio operations at Coke.

Early next year, Coca-Cola also plans a recycling education event in New York City’s Bryant Park. On Jan. 10 and Jan. 11, the Coca-Cola Recycling Team will be outside the New York Public Library, where consumers can learn about recycling, play trivia and interactive games, and view items made from recycled bottles.

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