Trucking All Over The UK

Guest Contributor, Gabrielle Offringa

At #ScreenmediaExpo in London, people from all over Europe gathered to see the latest and greatest in Digital Signage and AOpen, being the pioneering industry leader in digital signage that it is, drove into Earls Court in a large lorry!

Coming soon to a UK town near you...

Together with its partners Intel, Philips, Microsoft Windows Embedded and Net Display Systems the Digital Signage Roadshow was kicked off in London as it drives across the UK over the next five months.

The goal of the roadshow is to show AV integrators, CTO’s, CIO’s and shop-owners real live total solutions for: Retail, Healthcare, Corporate, Education, Transportation and Hospitality.

Between 12 June and 21 September 2012 the Digital Signage Road Show will tour through the UK; 15 locations, nine partners and six signage applications.

The exhibition suite contains Philips displays: ranging from standard LCD, high brightness, touch, 3D to video wall displays. All displays are connected to the AOpen Engine Core server rack that includes the AOpen Digital Engine media players which are based on the Intel platform and Windows Embedded 7 operating system.

Net Display Systems digital signage software PADS runs on all the systems using data integration and intuitive content management to display the content at the right place and time.

This year #ScreenmediaExpo seemed a bit smaller than last year’s exhibition and as Adrian Cotterill has continued to complain explain, the main reason seems to be that partners are collaborating and sharing booth space. Nevertheless the show offered a unique product selection and it was interesting to see more complete solutions on offer all over the show.

Whether you are looking for a complete solution or if you would like to know more about a specific topic we look forward to seeing you somewhere on the UK tour.

Visit and register to one of the events or contact a partner for more information.

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