Near Field Solutions Announce Tagomatic

Andrew Neale

NFC specialists Near Field Solutions have announced the launch of ‘Tagomatic’, a new device which has been designed specifically to provide simple NFC interaction in the digital signage / multi-sheet poster environments.

In many traditional advertising scenarios passive NFC tags can be added to (non digital) posters which then make the poster interactive – however, in the case of digital signage the visual content is changing all of the time so a fixed NFC tag is usually not suitable.

Tagomatic connects to the panel’s controller and can be updated in real-time with new NFC content everytime the sign changes, it doesn’t matter if this is once a minute or once a day, the NFC tag contents are always able to be synchronised with the visual content.

Glenn Needham, Director of Near Field Solutions said “we are very excited about this new product; we think Tagomatic opens up a whole new range of possibilities when linked to digital signage or information kiosks enabling NFC use cases which are not possible with conventional tags”

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