#InfoComm12 @NanoLumens Ribbons And Portrait

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

NanoLumens, Norcross, Georgia-based company offering flexible digital display technology, has announced that its NanoSlim displays are now available in Portrait models, ranging in size from 114” to 224” and available in 4-8mm pixel pitch.

Less than 3-inches thick and ultra-lightweight, the new displays can be hung simply and easily with standard integrated mounting brackets and are geared for retail centers, brand showcases and advertising networks.

NanoLumens is showcasing a 145” NanoSlim Portrait display in its booth.

Further, all NanoSlim and NanoShape models are now available as double-sided displays. Combined with NanoLumens’ superior off-axis viewing, these new double-sided displays make it possible to capture viewer attention from virtually any angle. The ultra-lightweight dual-sided models are less than 4” thick, and can be suspended using standard integrated mounting brackets.

NanoLumens also has unveiled its line of NanoFlex Ribbon, flexible displays that bring out-of-the-box display capabilities to architects, designers and creative professionals. Designed using NanoLumens’ patented flex displaytechnology, the revolutionary new ribbon displays can conform to curved surfaces, both concave and convex, and can be used in multiple configurations to exacting specifications in order to create unique architectural elements that accent any space.

TheNanoFlex Ribbon is offered in 16”x60”, 6mm pixel pitch sections, enabling endless creative combinations and, like all NanoLumens displays, NanoFlex Ribbon™ is extremely thin, ultra-lightweight and energy efficient.

“Our revolutionary display technology virtually shatters the barriers that have traditionally prevented customers from buying displays that live up to their imaginations,” says Josh Byrd, NanoLumens’ director of marketing. “Every digital signage customer wants to be able to deploy display solutions that enhance the message being communicated to their audience without limitations being imposed by the technology. NanoLumens displays, and the enhancements being introduced today at InfoComm, allow our customers to have solutions in any shape or size, any curvature, flexible or fixed, single- or double-sided. Now there is nothing that stands in the way of customers achieving their wildest digital signage solution dream.”

They are on Booth N2169 at #InfoComm12

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