What Was #InfoComm12 Like Without Extron?

Guest Contributor, Blair Parkin

I’ve been asked a lot this past week “What was #InfoComm12 like without Extron?”

Quickly summarised then: –

  1. it meant that other exhibitors got better floorspace
  2. the evening social program was freed up for many of the up and coming companies
  3. no-one seemed to miss being lectured at, on how great the latest grey boxes are!

Suddenly, topics such as full fiber transmission, how to handle 4K images, redundancy and network management of assets were themes we could discuss – especially as the smaller (but faster) growing signal management companies managed to have a really good voice this time round in Las Vegas.

The biggest players at InfoComm now are the likes of Samsung and CISCO – each of course being huge corporations several orders of magnitude bigger than Extron AND now seemingly able to get representative exhibition space.

On the control front I thought that AMX and Crestron did not feel the need (any more) to be driven down to the lowest common denominator on just touchscreen pricing. This mean that they led with strong messages about full building integration showcasing products and services that will make the AV world relevant beyond who can sell the lowest cost room control system.

I hate to say it but IMHO, #InfoComm12 was much more colourful <sic> with the absence of grey!

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