AMD Sets Sights On Digital Wall Market

Andrew Neale

“AMD Announces FirePro W600, Sets Their Sights On Digital Wall Market” writes Ryan Smith over on AnandTech.

Ryan Smith writes “in an unusual move despite the FirePro name it’s not a professional card in the traditional sense. Rather it’s a professional card in the not-for-consumers sense. GCN*’s first professional task as it turns out is going to be a brand-new FirePro subcategory: digital signage and display walls”.

He continues “In several respects digital signage and display walls are obvious markets for AMD” – and he’d surely be right.

The card can drive 6 mini DisplayPort outputs, and is capable of really big resolutions. For those technically minded, the whole article here is well worth a read.

*GCN is Graphics Core Next, the architectural basis for AMD’s future GPUs, see longer article describing it here

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