Digital Signage “Pay Tray”

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In Continental Europe when (monetary) change is handed over to you (the consumer) by the cashier it is typically not handed to you in your hand but instead placed on a “pay tray” in front of you.

When I lived in Munich in the early 1990’s I found this a bit disconcerting to start with but soon got used to it.

Whilst this is not exactly the “street furniture” trend we predicted (and expect to see huge growth in the area in 2008) it is a trend in that almost anything that can be made digital will be (think of the popularity of LCD Picture Frames).

Anyway, the German’s bring you the Digital Signage “Pay Tray”

Our German researcher adds that “The Germans as well as the Swiss have all used the pay tray… hygiene and courtesy for two reasons… it’s also very practical, as with a glance you can assess if you have been given the correct change without offending the cashier by stopping to count as we do elsewhere”

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