Audience Measurement – Who’s brave enough to do a ‘cook-off’?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Screen Forum Ltd tell us that their next ‘networking event’ will be “… held towards the end of January – and will cover the topic of Audience Measurement”

Having worked closely with two of the major European audience measurement vendors (and our very own Spanish Head of R&D, well being Spanish, and understanding what the Spanish company WuTuTu is up to) gives us we think a relatively unique insight into the topic.

The best presentation we have ever seen on the topic of Audience Measurement was from the US based Video Mining guys over in India at the DS Asia event (presentations apart from ours never published unfortunately) but the Video Mining solution is all consuming and expensive (as we probably think it should be).

Bizarrely the worst presentation we have ever seen about Audience Measurement was at the same event was from Trumedia – the presenter unfortunately was awful, confused the audience totally on what the product did and how it worked and then took a torrent of questions on privacy issues, video capture, what was stored etc. etc, and answered none of them well. The audience was left with the feeling that the product itself somehow invaded their personal freedom (not the case of course).

Anyway, to our mind, very few of the audience measurement systems actually do what they say on the tin or what is promised by the sales guys.

It would be a brave event organiser who arranged a ‘cook-off’ between all the vendors to show what really worked!

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