4th #dseForum Starts Sunday

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The 4th Digital Signage Expo Industry Forum will take place this year July 22-24 at the Omni Interlocken Resort, Denver Colorado.

Omni Interlocken Resort, Denver

This annual event brings together 23 end users and a group of sponsors for an all-expenses-paid opportunity in a resort setting to network and create long-lasting relationships with peers and digital signage industry experts in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. All end users attending must be planning to either install or expand a digital signage program in the next 12 months.

Following registration and an opening dinner on Sunday night, the main program gets underway Monday morning with a keynote by Rich Ventura, director of sales – vertical solutions at NEC Display Solutions, followed by a session on content by Andrew Mariathasan, president and co-founder, RTTNews.

The day is then divided into two sections. Half the end-users move to a room where each spends 15 minutes with each sponsor or supplier while the other half stays in the room for educational sessions held by Alan Brawn, president of Brawn Consulting and chairman of the Digital Signage Federation; Michael Hiatt, president, Dynamic Retailing LLC; and Loren Goldfarb, founding partner & COO, MediVista Media/Everwell. The afternoon includes a NEC-sponsored microbreweries tour, followed be an evening reception and dinner.

Tuesday’s keynote is by Brian McClimans, managing director business development, Peerless-AV, followed again by Andrew Mariathasan, president and co-founder, RTTNews. Then everything reverses with those who attended the educational sessions moved to meetings with sponsors and suppliers, while the rest hear Brawn, Hiatt and Goldfarb.`

Following a free afternoon where those attending can set up their own meetings, explore or relax, a casual closing dinner is planned.

“This is a real networking opportunity,” says Richard Lebovitz, DSE editorial director. “It’s a big help to new end-users. The challenge is to meets the diversified needs of the different end-users.”

The sessions cover just about everything anyone setting up a network might want to know and more, as well as an opportunity to meet various sponsors and suppliers who can help them set up.

In addition to NEC, Peerless-AV and RTT News, other sponsors include: Chief; Saddle Ranch Digital Inc.; Sanus; Christie; Convergent Sony Professional Solutions of America; Panasonic; Viewstation.

In total including staff, there will be 53 attendants at this year’s event.

Expensive to put on?

“Yes, but definitely worth it,” says Chris Gibbs, president, Exponation.

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