Clear Channel Talk Big (Now Need The Software)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

By the end of 2013, Clear Channel will not only be the largest out-of-home advertising company in Norway but will also be in an exclusive position to provide a nationwide digital offer or so says news in this week that they (Clear Channel) have been appointed to manage all of the advertising across rail, bus, metro, tram and ferries in the cities of Oslo and Akershus by Norwegian public transport company Sporveis-Annonsene AS.

Play på Nationaltheatret

This contract is the largest single advertising contract in Norwegian history (and so we are told, is also one of the largest advertising contracts in the world).

Clear Channel will work in partnership with Sporveis-Annonsene AS to “push the boundaries of advertising across different public transport environments including a combination of traditional and digital out-of-home opportunities for advertisers” so says the release.

However, let’s hope that they sort out a good digital signage strategy well before then cos’ there is no way that Clear Channel’s current hodge-podge of software solutions is anywhere near world class enough to support what they think they want to do.

Clear Channel’s global digital media portfolio, weirdly called ‘Clear Channel Play‘ already encompasses more than 2,200 digital panels in 12 countries across Europe and Asia.

According to Clear Channel Outdoor CEO, William Eccleshare “This transformative tender win in Norway, together with significant contract wins and network launches across our business in Sweden, Switzerland, Australia and the UK, represents our ambition to develop new opportunities for brands to meet people across the world”.

He added “We already reach more than 600m people every month across our US and International businesses – an audience more than four times the size of Twitter globally – and we will continue to compete for significant advertising contracts that deliver new, target audiences for our clients.”

Earlier this year, Clear Channel renewed its contract with SL (the public transportation company in Stockholm), which represented the largest and most significant out-of-home contract in Sweden, covering all advertising inside and outside buses, metro, trams, commuter trains and stations in the capital city.

The Clear Channel team also won the bus and tram shelter tender in the capital city of Berne in April, taking Clear Channel into new territory in Switzerland.

These major contract wins follow on from Clear Channel’s ambitious digital expansion in 2011 which saw the launch of new Clear Channel Play networks on the streets of London, in the Metro in Stockholm, Sweden and in railway stations across Belgium.

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  1. Rok Snoj Says:

    Kudos to ClearChannel for their ambitious endavour to cover the masses with their DOOH communication network, however the deployment on the pic is dissapointing.

    They created 2×1 videowalls, which is ok in general, but the bezel width is way to large for me (and I assume other people, not to mention the advertisers) to be comfortable with.

    Wouldn’t it be more aesthetically pleasing to put 2 thin bezel screens in one enclosure?

    Just sayin’

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