MetaTwistTower At Munich Airport

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

3M GTG, digital communication technology experts and part of diversified technology company 3M, has introduced what they call, a new generation of billboard, the MetaTwistTower.

This digital installation was recently launched at the MAC (Munich Airport Centre) Forum, a large outdoor multi-purpose event area, to mark Munich airport’s 20th anniversary.

The MAC Forum is billed as Europe’s largest outdoor space (10,000 square metres) for shopping, recreation and business with a 40 metre high glass roof – it is fully equipped with state-of-the-art communications technology and catering facilities to support sporting activities, live broadcasts, presentations, demonstrations, conferences and launches of all sizes.

3M GTG were commissioned to develop a digital display system under the roofed section of the MAC Forum and created the MetaTwistTower – a 10.6 metres high triangular tower with a 41m² rotating and revolving LED surface.

The installation has three layers, each with three LED panels on precisely engineered rotation and folding mechanisms. These nine connected elements can be adapted in format and orientation (square, landscape or portrait), and unfold to give a powerful performance with never-before-seen dynamics.

Switching between these formats, and the movement of the panels, is an integral part of the visual performance. When combined with synchronised content, the MetaTwistTower can deliver a high impact advertising and media production tool for large-scale, public audience communication.

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