iDklic Turns iPad Into Interactive Sales Tool

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Mercedes car dealerships in Belgium, which recently decided to optimize their sales team performance by enhancing their work experience, looked to iDklic, a Brussels-based company specialized in digital signage, to help.

iDklic launched an iPad concept for the Mercedes car dealerships’ sales team, after recognizing the members need to offer real-time interaction with customers. In their face-to-face meetings with clients, salespersons are now able to connect via the iPad and the screen, showing clients specific information about their future car in real time.

The concept gives a modern aspect to the commercial process and deepens the engagement between buyers and sellers. With the iPad concept, salesmen have the ability to get the updated photos and videos, product information, technical specifications and even more at their fingertips on the iPad.

The main goal is to offer interactivity between the end-customer and the Digital Signage screen, which helps within the experience-based buying process. The concept creates an interaction between a digital screen and an iPad. When no iPad interaction is done, the end-customer sees branding content about Mercedes latest novelties, promotions and welcome messages from the local dealership.

The client literally experiences the purchasing process. The sales staff uses iPad to educate customers and analyze their needs, sharing pictures and videos, performing comparisons between cars, showing available options. Clients can configure their car, visualizing different seating scenarios, colors and wheels in real time.

Jean-Charles Figoni, CEO of iDklic, says, “iDklic has specially developed for Mercedes an application based on iPad and Airplay. We think that in the future, the points of sales will be much more digitalized in order to allow more interactivity. Apple allows a very fast control, efficient and a simple use for every salesman.”

iDklic managed to take the iPad and turn it into a powerful solution aimed at conducting and gaining more business.

Nathaniel van Parijs, iSklic COO, says, “iDklic positions itself as a Digital Media specialist in POS digitalization and strives to stay at the top of technology, fully devoted to the client needs.”

iDklic hopes to commercialize this technology and this approach to other car dealerships and to deploy the project in other countries with Mercedes.

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