Wireless Ronin Partners with SmartReceipt

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc., Minneapolis-based marketing technologies solutions provider, has partnered with SmartReceipt Inc., Santa Barbara, California, to provide dynamic and relevant coupon offers and other valuable information to customers at the point-of-sale.

Every year, more than 250 billion receipts are handed to consumers in the United States alone, most including only the financial details of the transactions and ignoring the enormous potential of this direct-to-consumer communications opportunity. SmartReceipt software transforms ordinary printed receipts into engaging ‘smart’ receipts. This real-time, behavior-driven communication medium has proven to generate revenue and influence consumer purchasing decisions for many of the nation’s leading brands, including Subway, Burgerville and ARAMARK.

Sitting between the register and receipt printer, SmartReceipt can provide personalized offers, targeted marketing, nutrition education and location-based advertising to consumers. SmartReceipt also delivers advanced consumer analytics to the retailer with real-time coupon redemption tracking to maximize campaign results. In addition to printing dynamic receipts that take into account the current purchase, SmartReceipt can print QR codes that automatically bring retail customers to online surveys using their smart phone where they are rewarded with free offers or other incentives to inspire customer loyalty and repeat business.

Wireless Ronin will offer new and existing clients — particularly those in the quick service restaurant industry — the SmartReceipt platform as an enhancement to its dynamic digital menu boards, interactive social media and promotional displays powered by its RoninCast® software platform.

“A successful business today requires partnerships with organizations that help brands develop and implement a customer engagement strategy,” says Scott Koller, president and CEO of Wireless Ronin. “The partnership between Wireless Ronin and SmartReceipt helps facilitate this strategy by incorporating and managing various channels a brand can use to reach its customers in a cohesive and seamless information stream, ensuring customer engagement with the brand before, during, and after the sale.”

“The combination of SmartReceipt with RoninCast software provides a unique and powerful way to better understand and engage retail consumers,” said Jay Ferro, president and CEO of SmartReceipt. “SmartReceipt gives retailers valuable analytics about purchase patterns and customer preferences, providing real-time ROI data for marketing campaigns, limited time offers and promotions. With federal legislation preparing to mandate calorie counts on menu boards, SmartReceipt is another great way to provide nutritional information to QSR customers in addition to Wireless Ronin’s digital signage.”

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