Brazilian DOOH Turnover Doubled In 2008

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Figures published recently by ABDOH – the Associação Brasileira da Mídia Digital Out Of Home – indicates that the total turnover of its 13 founder-member companies more than doubled last year!!!!

The figures rose from 30 M R$ (€10 m) to 75 M R$ (€25 m) in 2008.

The figures also indicated that the number of screens installed rose from 9,000 to 20,000 in the same period AND anecdotal evidence from non-members confirm this trend.

According to Waltely Longo, the President of ABDOH, the growth of the sector is due to “people being ready to absorb more communication”

Waltely told us “The rapid growth of these new medias that are embraced by Digital Out of Home media is the response by the market to the need to re-conquer the consumer’s attention; the message becomes more relevant when it is in tune with the environment that it itself helps to create.”

Longo also pointed out that one of the characteristics of the Brazilian DOOH market is the segmentation of operators that specialise in certain areas, such as point-of-sale, elevators or transport.

His company, TV Mulher & Mãe (Mother & Baby TV) is a good example.

It is currently broadcast to 155 maternity wards in 70 cities of 18 states in Brazil, and claims an annual audience of 300,000 women who watch for an average of 9 hours each.

Other key players in the market include Subway with 10,000 screens; Cereja-PRN specialising in hypermarkets (Carrefour, Extra) with 3,500 screens;  Elemidia, also with some 3,000 screens, mainly  in elevators, hotels and shopping centres; and Indoormidia, specialising in airports and shopping centres, with several hundred screens installed.

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