Cheap Hire For @HH_Global

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

They don’t stay consultants for long do they? As soon as there’s sight of a steady pay packet, a car or pension plan they are back on the whatever-is-the-opposite-to-entrepreneur-is!

There is an element of risk and fear in consultancy that scares some who have been used to a steady pay packet each month whereas others are determined to make a go of it and don’t bother worrying.

We are not really sure where Chris Heap fits into that but either way it’s a moot point as he has just been appointed Digital Media Development Director at HH Global.

HH Global are are a funny bunch – they are a tradional print management company who keep trying to dabble in digital – they’ve tried it a few times (expensively) and then retracted and outsourced and no doubt this is another attempt to get a handle on the market.

The press release states that at HH Global Chris will be responsible for the development of new digital media products and services to enable clients to better connect with customers when they’re travelling, shopping, working and relaxing.

It continues, HH Global have created this new role to reflect the changing dynamic of the marketplace where pixels are often used to augment paper as the communications medium of choice in almost every store, station and on every street.

Commenting on the appointment, Robert MacMillan, CEO, HH Global said “We are delighted to welcome Chris to HH Global. With his skills and experience in the digital world, he adds huge value to the team, our business and to the innovative approach that our customers expect from us. We have been developing our digital media services over the past year and with Chris’ expertise we envisage it growing form strength to strength.”

Chris will be joining HH Global on 1st October 2012.

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