Inauguration Of The Quebecor Centre Of Multimedia Production

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Folllowing the announcement last February of a $500,000 contribution towards the financing campaign of Collège François‐de‐Laval (otherwise known as the Petit Séminaire de Québec, Québecor Inc. has announced the inauguration of the new Centre de production multimédia Québecor.

The Centre is open to the general public outside of its use by students as part of the commitment of the 300 year-old College.

“We are proud to have a role in the learning of new digital technologies and, this, thanks to advanced equipment that will allow the students and people of Quebec to learn about the fascinating world of multimedia,” says Pierre Karl Péladeau, Québecor president and CEO. “As a major player in the world media, it is vital for Quebecor to encourage the teaching of the various technology tools for future generations, thus opening the doors of professional sectors of the future.”

Faithful to a tradition of more than 60 years, Quebecor is reiterating its commitment to education, youth, the next generation, technological development and culture. The company annually supports dozens of schools, organizations and initiatives that support youth across Quebec.

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