Titan Digitizes Select Vancouver Highways

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Titan is adding more digital inventory to the Canadian market place with an expansion in Vancouver, the largest city in Western Canada.

Artist's rendering of a Titan digital display

This is interesting, because we’ve had our eye on the Vancouver market since prior to the 2010 International Olympic Winter Games when we watched Astral trying to get a digital foothold in the market. Astral finally was able to get its spectacular digital boards up only by putting them on native-owned lands in the Vancouver region.

As it turns out, Titan won this assignment after an RFP by the City of New Westminster, a member municipality of the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

In November, Titan will be adding a total of eight digital display faces. Three locations will be available as 14’h x 48’w superstructure displays and one will measure 10’h x 35’w. The displays will run a one-minute loop of content with six advertisers in 10-second increments.

“Some of Canada’s most highly traveled highways run through Vancouver, a city with more than 2.3 million residents,” says Jörg Cieslok, Titan’s executive vice-president and general manager for Canada. “Our digital screens are so effective because they stand out on these thoroughfares with little to no other advertising competing for attention.”

The digital displays will be seen at the following locations:

  • Highway 91 – just south of the Queensborough community. This is highly traveled by daily commuters exiting and entering New Westminster and Burnaby. This highway is accessible from multiple cities such as Richmond, Delta and Surrey.
  • Highway 91A beside the Queensborough Bridge –
    Located on highway 91A beside the Queensborough Bridge, this location will capture the attention of commuters travelling to and from Vancouver and New Westminster and will attract an audience that travels the Queensborough connector to highway 91, Stewardson Way or Marine Way.
  • Pattullo Bridge – Located south of Queen’s Park, this location will capture the attention of drivers accessing Columbia/Stewardson Way. Residents of Burnaby, Surrey and Delta will pass this digital display as they commute to and from Vancouver.
  • Trans-Canada 1 – Located on Brunette, with exit visibility from highway 1 and Brunette interchange, this digital display will attract attention of residents from Burnaby, Surrey and Coquitlam and provide key messaging to commuters as they frequent Brunette as a main thoroughfare to and from Vancouver.

The stands are currently being built and will resemble those in the artist’s rendering. If you noticed the crown on the stands, it is the symbol of New Westminster, known as the Royal City since being named after Westminster in the U.K., by Queen Victoria. Respondents to the RFP were asked to incorporate the heritage of the city into their proposals.

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